Important Science & Technology Current Affairs 2017

  • Pedology is the science related to the study of which thing?

a). atmosphere
b). soil
c). pollutants
d). seeds

Ans: b). soil

  • Which of the following is the largest air pollutant?

a). Carbon dioxide
b). Carbon monoxide
c). Sulphur dioxide
d). Hydrocarbons

Ans: b). Carbon monoxide

  • Leakage of which of the following gases had caused the Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

a). Methyl isocyanate
b). Carbon Mono-oxide
c). Nitric oxide
d). Sulphur di-oxide

Ans: a). Methyl isocyanate

  • The branch of physics that deals with the motion of a very small particle is called-

a). Field Theory
b). Particle Physics
c). Quantum Mechanics
d). Atomic Physics

Ans: c). Quantum Mechanics

  • Which among the following gas is most responsible for global warming?

a). Nitrogen
b). Methane
c). Carbon di-oxide
d). Carbon mono-oxide

Ans: c). Carbon di-oxide

  • Who invented Telegraph?

a). Samuel Morse
b). Edward Jenner
c). Alexander Graham Bell
d). Marcony

Ans: a). Samuel Morse

  • If someone is injured in an accident and broken his/her knee joint, then he or she needs to consult?

a). Orthopodic
b). Paediatrician
c). Oncologist
d). Urologist

Ans: a). Orthopodic

  • The apparatus used for detecting lie is known as ?

a). Polygraph
b). Pyrometer
c). Gyroscope
d). Kymograph

Ans: a). Polygraph

  • A device used for measuring the depth of the sea is called –

a). Altimeter
b). Fathometer
c). Hydrometer
d). Manometer

Ans: b). Fathometer

  • Cryogenic engines fined applications in –

a). Sub-marine propulsion
b). Frost free refrigerators
c). Rocket technology
d). Superconductivity

Ans: c). Rocket technology

  • Communication satellite are used to –

a). transmit communication signal only
b). receives communication signal only
c). receive and redirect communication signal
d). provide information of natural resources only

Ans: c). receive and redirect communication signal

  • Who discovered the fact that – “An electric current produces a circular magnetic field as it flows through a wire”?

a). Oersted
b). Faraday
c). Fleming
d). Coulomb

Ans: a). Oersted

  • What is measured by the sling Psychrometer?

a). Temperature
b). Humidity
c). Pressure
d). Wind velocity

Ans: b). Humidity

  • The first printed works are called –

a). Impensis
b). Incunabula
c). Impression
d). Imprimatur

Ans: b). Incunabula


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