Soon In Uttarakhand For Breaking Traffic Rules A Sticker To Public Shame

Uttarakhand traffic personnel will put a sticker on your vehicle whenever you break a traffic rule in Uttarakhand. This sticker is exceptionally intended to disgrace rule breaker in front of Public, through the words ‘shameless traffic violator’.

To check petty traffic rule violations, the division is considering presenting a ‘besharmi’ sticker that will be stuck on those vehicles that are discovered violating traffic rules. Other than the tag of ‘besharm’ (indecent), the sticker likewise peruses ‘Niyam todta nalayak’ (the unworthy kindred breaks rules).

Kewal Khurana, DIG (Traffic) said, “We have transferred a photo of the sticker on our Facebook page. It has accumulated more than 2,600 preferences, shared by 180 and remarked upon by almost 150 individuals inside one day. Around 95% of the responders have respected the move.” While numerous have respected the move and some social media users have likewise raised worries about it.

Many Facebook users gave suggestions in response to the move such as one user said that instead of disgracing individuals in this way, the office should center around spreading mindfulness and teaching individuals. Another individual said “It is a decent move. However, will all be dealt with similarly? Imagine a scenario in which police vehicles themselves are discovered disregarding movement rules, will they likewise get this sticker.

Reacting to these questions, Khurana stated that once the sticker is settled, all vehicles discovered damaging standards will get this sticker. A few people have recommended that we ought to sort out mindfulness programs and we are as of now chipping away at that.

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