Uttarakhand’s Capital Dehradun’s Deadly Flyover To Get Security Measure

The Balliwala flyover of the state capital, which is also named the deadly flyover of the city is going to get some extra highlights for the advantage of drivers after a wellbeing review prior this month. There are two other flyovers in Dehradun one each at Ballupur Chowk and close Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT), yet the one at Balliwala has revealed the most extreme number of mischances. The two-path flyover has asserted eight casualties and left finished twelve harmed after its introduction in July a year ago.

The most recent case was accounted for amid the mediating night of November 23-24. Before this, it revealed one casualty each in August and March and two in January, went before by three in October a year ago. Authorities accuse rash driving, speeding, drink driving and driving without protective caps for the fatalities.

Earlier this month, a group of free street wellbeing reviewers and government authorities examined the flyover for a security review. Its report, which is currently out, precluded any specialized blame in any case, in the meantime, influenced a progression of proposals (to see box) to make the flyover more secure for drivers and suburbanites.

Different measures proposed in the report incorporate billboards (like that of speed farthest point or bend alarm) to be set up on streetlight shafts for better permeability and substitution of old and blurred feline’s eyes (a retroreflective security gadget utilized as a part of street checking). Since speeding is a key concern, the report takes note of there’s a need to control speed on the flyover.

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