Yoga Instructors Protest In Dehradun Demanding Jobs

In the state capital Dehradun, Yoga degree and diploma holders from all over the state took out a dissent rally on Wednesday demanding that they are given employment in government schools where yoga is being instructed as a subject. The nonconformists guaranteed that despite the fact that yoga is instructed in schools, no educators have been designated for it. They included that Uttarakhand has numerous jobless yoga instructors.

Rakesh Semwal, president of state yoga instructors association said that we have been requesting to resolve our unemployment problem for a long time now, however, nothing has been done till now and each legislature is giving us false guarantees. There are near 15,000 yoga educators in all over the state and the greater part of them are jobless yet at the same time, the legislature isn’t doing anything.

Also, a yoga teacher Vijay Rawat stated that Uttarakhand is center of yoga and tragically that we don’t have occupations. I have a degree in yoga yet it is futile. We have kept in touch with the concerned specialist’s different circumstances yet no move has been made. In the meantime, the education department said that restricted assets make it exceptionally hard to choose more instructors.

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